Sunday, November 29, 2009

New kid on the block

This is Tamiya's Pershing Tank, I almost finished this about three years ago. I still have to add some stowage and a traffic sign to the pole

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is something I did about 8 years ago. Its DML's SdKfz250/1 neu in an early BoB setting. The figures are also DML with Hornet heads, the crushed cardboard boxes are Plus Models, I believe.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Humber Scout Car

Here are some pics of Bronco´s Humber Scout Car which I finished last year.

Current project: Sandbagged Sherman

This is something I started about 4 years ago and I haven´t touched it in 3 years. I used a Tamiya hull and the racks with sandbags were made using Miliput and Evergreen plastic strips.
At the beginning of this year I restarted this project.

Some details were added to the hull and I made racks with sandbags on a Italeri 76mm turret.

The Stash

Last year I made a pledge to myself that I wouldn't buy another kit before I finished at least 3 kits I had in my stash. So here is a listing of the current pile-o-kits, for all to see.
  1. DML M4A1 6048 75mm early (3x ) (2x)
  2. DML M4A3 9010 76mm HVSS (WWII) + Blast update set
  3. DML M2 Halftrack + Trakz M3 75mm GMC conversion
  4. Tamiya M4 + Formations update set (the most expensive version)
  5. Tamiya M4A3 105mm
  6. Tamiya Dragon Wagon
  7. Tamiya M3 Light Tank
  8. Tamiya M5A1 Light Tank + Eduard P.E.
  9. Tamiya M8 75mm HMC
  10. Italeri M4A1 76mm + Eduard P.E.
  11. Italeri M32 Recovery Vehicle (wich I can combine with a DML M4A1 )
  12. Italeri M7 Priest
  13. AFV Club M18 Helcat
  14. AFV Club M5A1 Light Tank
  15. AFV Club M10
  16. Academy M3A1 Light Tank
  17. Academy M36
  18. Revell M3 Scout Car + Eduard P.E.
  19. Revell M4A3 75mm Sherman Calliope
At the rate I build this would take my 8 to 10 years to finish every kit. Lets see how much I can finish before I allow myself to buy a new kit ( humm, a new Tasca Sherman or DML's M4 would be nice).