Monday, January 31, 2011


With the vehicle done it's time for some ground work. I want to make a piece of road with one or more trees along the side. So I started with some trees.
The rough shapes were made with some branches and twigs I found outside of our house, the city had just trimmed some trees. Things are held together with paper clip wire and super glue. More finner branches and texture to the bark still needs to be added. I intend to use dried roots, wire and putty for that. I have some vague ideas in my head of what I want, lets see how things work out.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

DML M4A1 75mm done.

I am calling this tank done, the last bits were painted and an MV lens was used for the right headlight. Its the first time I used one of these lenses and it really looks great. Anyhow here are the pics.

I used the "mud- splattering-technique" it's a great way to build up layers of mud, but it has to be used with restraint. Here I got mud all over the stowage and even on the roof of the turret, because I used acrylics for the mud it sets pretty much instantly and permanent. A lesson learnt.

The tank is ready, next thing will be a  dressed up base.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final construction

Here a small update, I added the last details, such as the antenna. And I re-attached same bits and pieces which got broken off.
 The small connections between the antenna parts were made with pieces of stretched evergreen plastic tubbing. I inserted a piece of wire with the same diameter as the antenna when stretching the tube and ended up with a very thin plastic tube more or less the diameter of the antenna.
The barrels of the hull and coax .30 machine guns are from RB model. They're are really nice with a hollow barrel sleeve, but I think they are bit over-scale.

Just some detail painting and touch-ups to do and I am finished. Oh.. and I'm going to use pigments for the first time hope I don't mess up.