Thursday, April 28, 2011

Harley rider (3)

The limbs are fleshed out with some magic sculp.

The trousers are almost done. I mixed a tiny bit of Vallejo black with the putty just to check that both parts of the putty are throughly mixed. 

Still have to do some cleaning up and find a way of smoothing the surface a bit. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stickman on a hog.

I've made a bit more progress with the Harley rider. A pair of hands was added to the wire arms and matched with the steering bar. Next will be fleshing out the limbs and fixing the pose permanently.

 This will require the most sculpting I've ever done on a figure, hopefully things will work out.

Born to be wild

My last build is MiniArts Harley Davidson motorbike, it's going to part of a diorama together with the Sherman and the tree. The kit is very nice and a pleasure to build, especially compared with my last build, the early Sherman from Dragon produced in the 90's of last century. I should probably buy some more modern kits. 
Here are some build reviews which I find of great help.

And another great source is The Liborator , lots of great pictures here.

The kit comes with some delicate PE parts. I did have some trouble with the PE spokes. After forming the spokes and gluing the spokes and hubs together I tried to glue the spokes in the center of the wheel rim.When I attached the rear wheel to the frame I discovered that it was not centered. So I had to remove the spokes from the rim and reshape them, sadly this left them a bit damaged. With second attempt, the spokes were only glued to the rim with a tiny spot of CA glue. This left some movement in the rim and tire.  The spokes were then firmly attached to the frame. It was still possible, this way, to make some adjustments to make sure the wheels are centered in the frame and front fork.

I want to add a rider to the bike and decide to do some figure conversion. Only the basic shape of the bike is constructed. Most of the PE and details are left of to avoid damage and breakage when fitting the figure.

A start is made with the rider, from an old figure out the spare box a basic pelvis was carved. I used a Dragon figure for the shoes and torso, from which the moulded on straps were scraped away.The head comes from Hornet. Brass wire is used for the limbs, the arms have to be shortend a bit.

I hope to give you another update soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here another update, somehow I’ve problems taking good photographs lately. My apologies for the poor quality pictures.
For the base I used a piece of MDF with pine section moldings on the sides. My carpentry skills aren’t great and the results are a bit crude, but under a few layers of gloss black it doesn’t look not too bad.

The cobblestones for the road were made using packing material for vegetables and meat you find at the supermarket. I cut out the flat sections and cut those up in small cubes which a rolled between my fingertips.
The groundwork was made up with sections of Styrofoam. Everything is glued on the baseplate with white glue.

I'm about to finish the groundwork, but I just can't take a decent photograph of it. Here are the pics I did manage to take there not great but give you an idea how things look now.

Well, all thats left to do now is to attach the tank to the base and practicing taking photos. I really hope to give you another update soon.