Friday, November 26, 2010

DML M4A1 75mm

Yet another update.

I added some more mud, this time the tracks and glacis received a mixture of Vallejo paints, talcum powder and acrylic medium.

Somehow I managed to knock of the holder of the right-headlight-plug and the MG-clamp from the turret roof (that part got lost arghh. I spend hours scratching that)

M4A1 75mm

Here's a, much overdue, update.

For the tankcommander I converted an old Italeri plastic figure with a pair of Verlinden hands and a Hornet head. The arms and some details were sculpted with Duro and Magic Sculp.

Painting is done with Vallejo acrylics, which is a first for me.
The figure in its new home

The tank received it's first coat of paint.

details painted and weathering in process with the help of oils.

mud added in the form of Vallejo paints, talcum powder and acrylic medium.