Monday, May 16, 2011

Twenot 35 year anniversary

The Twenot, the Dutch organization of military vehicles enthusiasts, celebrated its 35 year anniversary at  the war museum in Overloon on Sunday May 15. It was a great day, with the museum providing a perfect backdrop for the event. Outside there were stands with militaria colletables and Militracks took place. Lots of beautiful restored WW2 vehicles were rumbeling around on the grounds, for the vistors it was possible to take a ride in one of these vehicles. Didn't take a ride myself, but standing a few meters from a T34 rolling past sure is special feeling. Indoors the competition was held and lots of traders were present (I blew most of my budget for the day in one blow, buying a new airbrush compressor. :) )
a T34/85 rumbling by

the competition room

c'est ne pas un pipe

more pics can be found here , sorry for the quality.

Looking forward too the 40 year anniversery.

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